Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gateau St. Honoré

A long time ago, my aunt-in-law (who loves to bake) requested that I make this cake for her birthday.  I had no clue what this was, so I Googled it.  Lots of images popped up, but I chose a recipe from Food Network Canada's website since it looked the least intimidating.

Her birthday was last week, and I fulfilled her request.

If I added up all the hours I spent on this cake, I would guess 3 to 4 hours in total, which was during a 2-day span (the recipe didn't give any indication of how long it would take... probably because it would scare people from trying it).

The elements include:
l.  puff pastry base (store-bought... I had no time to make it from scratch... apparently the "cake" part)
2. pastry cream with vanilla bean (I burned my hand with the hot cream during whisking) to cover the base and fill the profiteroles (a.k.a. cream puffs)
3. choux paste (I made a double-batch by mistake, had extra to make more profiteroles)
4. profiteroles dipped in caramel (I burned the caramel and had to redo it)
5. topped with fresh raspberries, from scratch whipped cream, half flavoured with raspberry jam (no time to make puree)

For my first attempt, I think I did well... she wished she asked for two! :)

Happy Birthday, Heather!

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