Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thomas and Chickies

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her little boy, who's turning 2. She wanted toy-sized tracks and scenery, and showed me an existing design. This was my take on it, using buttercream and fondant/gumpaste and lace licorice.  We also added a bunch of matching sugar cookies.

The cookies were flooded with royal icing, decorated with edible images printed from frosting sheets, then with royal icing pipework. My hand was cramped from piping.

Happy 2nd Birthday Max!

* * *

Someone from work had a birthday, and I didn't find out 'til a couple of days before. I hurriedly made up a dozen sugar cookies and just sprinkled the yellow sugar before baking. When I brought them to work, I didn't see her all day. Turns out, she took the day off to spend her birthday at home with family. Oh well, the cookies will still be good next week, since I individually packaged them.

Happy Birthday Tara!

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